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Video CDN

Published: Mar 10

Wowza Streaming Engine is the most powerful streaming software in the world. Our servers powered by Wowza Streaming Engine can handle up to 2000 simultaneous connections in 720p. Why not YouTube or Facebook? We can stream to any stream server, but limitations in the approach to copyright issues (content id) or ads in the context of the player are often a problem. Imagine that a day before of an important event live Youtube suspends your service due to problems with the content id. Although compliant with the law in your country it is not possible to resolve the dispute with the big supplier in a few hours.


You may also want special solutions. Embedding of multiple languages ​​in one stream, embedding subtitles or audio description, recompression to a very small size, all this is not possible with a large CDN.

Our player runs on all major platforms – Windows, Mac, Android and iOS based on HTML5 and Flash.

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